I am happy to discuss and accept commissions on an individual basis.


If you have a specific site in mind, I would prefer to visit it in person. This allows me to get a true feel for the area, and helps me extract a location's essence. In cetain circumstances I will consider working from your provided photographs, as long as they are of the highest quality. (Please keep in mind that the majority of the work you see on this sight is done from life of subjects that move me. Working from photographs of unknown locations poses certain difficulties.)

Still Life
I can also create a unique still life with pieces that reflect your individuality. We can discuss the details if you are interested. Please
contact me with details pertaining to your request and I will provide you with a quote. Don’t forget to include the preferred size of your image.


Portraits require at least two months completion time with several weeks needed for reflection and finessing of the likeness. Please visit the portrait gallery for examples in both oils and pastels.

Completion times are subject to my current schedule. All commissions require a commission agreement signed by the client and a non-refundable deposit in U.S. dollars of 1/2 the final estimated cost before I begin initial sketches.